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QuattroPower Support

Firm hold without drilling – in no time at all. You position the QuattroPower support system, flip the rocker arms – that’s it. You now have a reliable aid for getting up on all plane and poretight surfaces.

The QuattroPower support systems are designed for a maximum user mass of 80 kg. The QuattroPower support handle can be mounted upwards or downwards. With its 4 suction pads, the (QP) QuattroPower support system distributes the lever forces acting on the wall. Advantage: It can even be attached to tiled cavity walls (e.g. 2-layer plasterboard panelling),, thus eliminating the need for expensive rebuilding to reinforce the walls so that screw on grab handles might be attached. Very popular near the wall is the combination of a QuattroPower support handle and a classic Mobeli handle (fixed size or telescopic).

The toilet tissue holder for two rolls of toilet paper can be simply and quickly attached to the QuattroPower. This handy optional accessory can also be attached to almost all other grab handles of the Mobeli system, with the exception of the children‘s handle (Ø 26 mm).

Children's QuattroPower Support handles? For further information click here >

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