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Hand rail with angle adjustment

The angle-adjustable handrail is the ideal aid for a barrier-free bathroom. Due to the unique horizontal-vertical combination, the mobile handrail is helpful in many everyday situations, be it in the bathtub when standing up or as a holding aid in the shower. The large radius of action and its versatility are the strengths of our mobile handrail.


Barrier-free DIN 18040 requires a horizontal handle at a height of 85 cm as well as a vertical handle for shower areas; the angle-adjustable handrail meets all these requirements in one solution, on the right as well as on the left side.

The angle-adjustable handrail can be assembled from standard parts of the Mobeli system. In only a few seconds the handrail can be converted into a grab handle for travelling – simply detach the vertical adapter and you‘re done.

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