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QuattroPower Tub

The Mobeli QuattroPower Tub support system can be installed inside and outside the bathtub. It can withstand highensile and support loads and even side loads of up to 80g user mass. Good to know: The suction heads hold even under water, but with reduced holding force.

If you want to mount the QuattroPower Tub in a steeply angled position above the bathtub, you should use the included drip guard and slide it over the handlebar. This effectively prevents drops from running down the handle bar that might cause a puddle of water to form in front of the tub.

Optimized for the bath tub: The Mobeli support system QuattroPower Tub is excellently suited for getting into and out of the bath tub. With this patented supporting system, you do not only get safely into the bathtub but also out of it again. You can purchase the QP Tub either with or without grip extension. The extension enables broader and thus safer gripping; it utilizes very efficiently your energy expenditure and prevents rotating of the body when stepping out of the bathtub.

With the QP Tub you have at your disposition a reliable aid for getting up on all plane and pore-tight surfaces. Before entering or leaving the bath tub, seize the grab bar with both hands and let go of it only after you are sitting safely or standing firmly. Very variable: The QuattroPower Tub can be attached on the outside or on the inside of your bathtub.

Optimal. The QuattroPower bathtub systems are rotatable at 3 points and can be perfectly adapted to your bathtub shape, bathroom furnishings and exit preferences.

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