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MOBELI Accessories

The range of application of all mobile telescopic handles can be substantially extended if the cardan or the angle joint adapter is inserted between suction head and grab bar. Thus different angles are attainable for a maximum of flexibility for positioning.

Cardan joint adapter

The cardan joint adapter (only for telescopic handles) made of plastic features a 2-axis joint with which almost any desired position of the handle can be achieved. Thus, the mobile grab handle can be attached even more flexibly, e.g. crosswise or rotated in the bathtub or across a corner in the shower.

Angle joint adapter

The angle joint adapters made of high-strength plastic can be simply clipped onto the telescopic grab handle with the high-speed locking device (unfortunately not possible with fixed-length grab handles). The adapter increases the attachment radius of a telescopic grab handle to a total swivel angle of 206°. The grip can be fastened across a corner, over head and overstretched at an angle of 103°.

Angle joint or cardan joint adapter? With the cardan joint adapter the Mobeli grab handle becomes extremely flexible in its mounting options. The angle joint adapter enables the grab handle to be fastened across a corner or in the bath tub. The more favourable price and a carrying power that is not reduced by the adapter are its major advantages.

Angle joint or cardan joint adapter?

The cardan joint adapter makes the Mobeli grab handle extremely versatile in its mounting options. The angle joint adapter makes it possible to attach the grab handle over a corner or in the tub. The angle joint adapter reduces the maximum user mass to 75 kg. The cardan joint adapter reduces the maximum user mass to 60 kg.

Stainless steel plates

Did you know that Mobeli can also help you if your tiles are smaller than 14 cm or do not have a pore-tight surface? Two self-adhesive Mobeli stainless steel plates are simply glued on where you want to attach the Mobeli grab handle – assuming you have a firm base surface. Without drilling – without screws. Simply glue on the stainless steel plates and after 8 hours the perfect mounting surface for the Mobeli grab handle is ready for use. The stainless steel plates can be removed later without damaging the tiles or leaving any adhesive residue.

Under certain circumstances, the self-adhesive stainless steel tile may not be sufficiently firmly fixed to the substrate. For mosaic tiles or tile heels with a level difference of approx. 1 mm or more, we therefore recommend using our adhesive paste. This ensures that the stainless steel tile has sufficient contact surface for a secure connection with the substrate. Please note: However, the high adhesive strength of the adhesive paste does not allow easy removal from the wall, as is the case with selfadhesive stainless steel tiles.

Tilting Lever Protection

The Mobeli grab handle can be locked with the tilting lever lock. The tilting lever lock has been developed for persons who are not allowed to open the mobile handle independently (e.g. demented persons, mentally handicapped persons, or persons who could make uncontrolled movements). The tilting lever lock is also suitable as theft protection for holding systems - wherever these are used, e.g. in hotels, hospitals, old people‘s and nursing homes and in public areas.
Please note: Our tilting lever lock may only be used in combination with Mobeli holding systems with safety indicator! And a change of location can only be made by a person who has the appropriate key.


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