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Quattro Plus

High carrying load variant: The mobile vacuum holding grip QuattroPlus can be fastened at the wall – and even across a corner – or serve as a horizontal training grip bar and as a relocation aid. The QuattroPlus, patented in Europe and the U.S., can also be used by heavier people due to its high load carrying capability.

With us at Mobeli you can still find them: Experts who, after consultation with the technical development department, will look for a solution for your very special requirements and can offer it promptly. Usually our QuattroPlus will be at the heart of a custom design, but there is a multiplicity of combination possibilities with almost all components from the Mobeli system.

Integrated angle joint

The QuattroPlus as a training grip bar. Thanks to the integrated angle joint, it is even  possible to attach the QuattroPlus to the frames of a room door. The prerequisite is a firm, pore-tight, flat mounting surface, e.g. a metal door frame. Do you only have wooden doors? Please continue reading on page 43: Selfadhesive stainless steel plates.

Der QuattroPlus grab handle 1400244 S is designed for inner door frame dimensions from 790 to 910 mm. These dimensions can be extended by 170 mm by using the diagonal joint adapter. With the integrated angle joint it is possible to attach the QuattroPlus handle across a corner as standard.

If the grip is attached across a corner in the shower, you can pull yourself safely into the shower when entering and hold on to it while taking your shower. The QuattroPlus has integrated angle joints (360° rotatable) as standard, making it very versatile. This does not
affect the maximum user mass of up to 160 kg.

QuattroPlus I  Accessories

Diagonal joint adapter

Thanks to the diagonal joint adapter and its integrated angle joint, the QuattroPlus can also be mounted diagonally over the bath tub; that’s very helpful for getting in and out.

If the surface is flat and non-porous, then the combination of diagonal joint adapter and integrated angle joint makes nearly any arbitrary attachment possible. In order to withstand the enormous carrying loads that can operate on the grip, the developers at Mobeli have selected a special material combination: aluminium and plastic – durable and flexible.

The QuattroPlus has been patented in Europe and in the U.S. and can be used also by heavier persons because of its high load carrying capability.Due to the use of the diagonal joint adapter the maximum user weight  is reduced to 120 kg.

Mobeli building block principle

The QuattroPlus is exceptionally well suited as a basis for grab handle railings. Here the picture shows a combination of a short QuattoPlus, a cardan joint and a telescopic grab handle.

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