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Mobeli KIDS

Our Mobeli KIDS grab handles are available in 2 different lengths. Their 26 mm handle bar diameter has been specially developed for slim children‘s hands.

Not without my Mobeli. The mobile grab handles are ideal when travelling or on holiday – quickly dismantled, stowed away to save space and reattached. At school I insert the tilt-stop lock.

QuattroPower Kid has been developed as a support handle for children for the toilet. The handle diameter of 26 mm makes it ideal for small hands in kindergarten or other facilities (inclusion) and also at home. The vacuum suction pads with the worldwide unique vacuum safety indicator allow it to be quickly attached it at a suitable location and “grow” with the child.

The handle may be locked with the TiltStop. The handle can be used both in upwards and downwards orientation. In upwards orientation, lateral support is possible. When the child is big enough, the small grab bars can be replaced with the larger adult grab bars.

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