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QuattroPower special orders

Lateral arm

Strengthening of the lateral arm for the QuattroPower Support. We recommend this especially in the case of heavy lateral tensile loads.

Mobeli backrest

Angle-adjustable backrest for bathtub and toilets.

Toilet tissue holder

The toilet tissue holder for two rolls of toilet paper can be simply and quickly attached to the QuattroPower. This handy accessory can also be clipped onto nearly all other mobile grab handles of the Mobeli system.



Stainless steel plates

Did you already know that Mobeli can also help you when your tiles are smaller than 14 cm or do not have a non-porous surface?

Two self-adhesive Mobeli stainless steel plates are simply glued on where you would like to attach the Mobeli grab handle – only provided the surface is firm enough. Completely without drilling – without bolting.

Tilting Lever Protection

The Mobeli Tilting Lever Protection allows you to lock the grab handle, so to speak. It was developed for people who are not supposed to open the mobile grab handles on their
own (e.g. for people with dementia or cerebral palsy, mentally handicapped people that are not able to control their movements). The Tilting Lever Protection is equally suitable as an anti-theft device for the Mobeli holding systems, wherever they might be used, be it in hotels, hospitals, retirement homes or in public areas.

Mobeli ExtraGrip

Under normal circumstances, the grip of the Mobeli grab handles is entirely sufficient. Until now, if more grip was required, the only option was the Chrome Look grab handle with its extra non-slip structure coating. However, the Chrome Look handles do not come with the telescopic components. We have now developed a grip coating that allows us to combine every grab handle with an extra grip structure. The Mobeli ExtraGrip coating covers the entire surface of the handle bar. Almost invisible but distinctly palpable.

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