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Fixed-size grab handles

The Mobeli‘s mobile fixed dimension grab handles with 350 and 650 mm gripping length are optimized for positioning on tiles with a grid dimension of 150 x 150 mm. The handles can be easily mounted horizontally and vertically. A tile grid dimension of 200 x 200 mm is ideal for all fixed dimension holding handles, i.e. also for the handle with a gripping length of 110 or 210 mm.

Alternatively, you can opt for the extremely versatile telescopic handle from Mobeli. This means that you are far less dependent on a particular tile grid – especially useful when travelling.

If a tile grid that is too small or a non-porous surface makes it seem impossible for you to use a mobile handle, please continue reading on page 43. Here you can find information about our self-adhesive stainless steel tiles, which can be removed later without damaging your tiles.

The choice is yours. Four grab handles with rigid grab bar lengths of 110 mm, 210 mm, 350 mm and 650 mm are available.

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